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My name is Pooja Maisheri. I have a keen interest in product color and style.  I truly believe that products, materials and surfaces speak a sensorial language, which if well applied communicates to the user. My last role involved working as a Senior Color Material Finish Designer at Kia. Recognized and awarded by CII at the International Automotive conclave 2023. 

My past experience involves working as a CMF & Product Designer at companies like TVS Motors (BMW Collab) & ISDI Parsons. 

An interdisciplinary approach has helped me to be more versatile & to explore various aspects & processes of design. 

I pursued my Masters in Industrial Design from UPES Dehradun (India) in 2016. I also got to be a part of the summer programme on Model Making with Arts University Bournemouth (UK) which was sponsored by ISDI Parsons in 2018.

CMF Design has always fascinated me, as it helps me derive strategies for upcoming trends, colors, patterns, and textures & discovering the unobserved. It cultivates the distinct style by anticipating about “what's coming up next?” through intuition and analysis. Color has emotion and defines one's voice that tells us the story. Cross-pollination of industries has catalyzed my perspective and evolved my learning curve. I would like to continue to demystify the process of CMF.

Featured in Kia Design Magazine

Thank you.


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